Gurkha Diner

Gurkha Inn Receipe for Naan Bread

Preparation Time: 2h
Cooking Time: 2min
Serves: 6

500g Self Raising Flour
Salt to taste
1 Egg
10g Sugar
20g Yogurt
50ml Milk
25ml Ground Nut Oil
3g Onion Seeds
30g Butter

Naan Bread Preparation & Cooking

Break the egg in a bowl and add the sugar, yogurt, salt and milk, whisk it and add 180ml water.

Take flour in a large bowl pour half of mixed water and start mixing gradually, by adding rest of mixture. When fully mixed knead to make a soft but smooth dough. Cover it with cling film for 10 minutes then add oil and punch the dough. Cover it with cling film.

Divide in 6 equal portions. Make a ball, sprinkle onion seed on top, flatten each ball between the palms to make a round disc than stretch on one side in shape of an elongated oval.

Place them on a greased baking tray and put them in the centre of the oven for 10-15 minutes (140C). They are ready when they have puffed up a little. They should be soft and crumbly, not chewy. Serve fresh from the oven